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Sambhav opens up new training centre at ABES IT Group of Institutions.

Sambhav ties-up with three large Electronic industries for recruitment

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Overview of 6 Week Summer Training Program

1st Week

Class 1: Introduction

Class 2: Company Visit-Electronic Assemly Manufacturing

Class 3: Company Visit-PCB Manufacturing

2nd Week

Class 1: Basic building blocks commonly used in making projects

Class 2: Familiarization with SMD electronic components

Class 3: Electronics workshop practice

3rd Week

Class 1: Surface mount technology

Class 2: Manual insertion and wave soldering standards

Class 3: Production management and quality management

4th Week

Class 1: Electronics projects insertion of components

Class 2: Soldering of components

Class 3: Testing

5th Week

Class 1: PCB Manufacturing Process

Class 2: Manufacturing Process Training

Class 3: Basic of PCB Designing

6th Week

Class 1: Basic of ISO

Class 2: Basic of IPC

Class 3: Basic of Documentation

Duration: 2Hrs/Day, 3 days a week

Batches start from June 1st week