Sambhav opens up new training centre at ABES IT Group of Institutions.

Sambhav ties-up with three large Electronic industries for recruitment

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Ques1: What is Sambhav?

Ans: Sambhav is Sanskrit/Hindi word which means “possible” . Sambhav Industrial Skill Development Center was formed to impart industry related skill enhancement training to employable individuals right from Technical graduates simple graduates to high school passouts.

Ques2: Why is it called “Industrial Skill Development Center”?

Ans: Every Industry needs certain set of skills to function. Most of the time these skills are not taught in regular school and colleges. Sambhav imparts those skills which are specifically needed in an Industry which dramatically improves the Employability Quotient of an individual.

Ques3: What is the difference between Knowledge and Skill?

Ans: 1. Knowledge refers to theoretical information acquired about any subject whereas skills refer to practical application of that knowledge
2. Knowledge can be learnt whereas skills require practical exposure and can also be in-born
3. Ultimately, both knowledge and skill is required to master a field of study

Ques4: How is Sambhav different from other training institutes?

Ans: Sambhav has 3 unique points which makes it different from other institutes:
Industry Integrated Campus- Sambhav has a unique training model where the training center is based in Industrial premises. So all the students gets regular exposure to industry practices. Students regularly interacts with personnel from Industry. So they are not restricted to once in a while industrial visits.
Trainers from Industry- All the trainers in Sambhav are from Industry. They understand what is required to succeed in Industry. So everything taught by them is relevant to generate long term value in a student’s skill set.
Course material vetted by Industry- All the courses taught in Sambhav are generated and planned based on the actual need of industry. Nothing given for the sake of training only. Sambhav regularly surveys industry and sees the gap in skill set. Based on that gap it creates courses for students. Course material is also validated by our experts from Industry regularly.

Ques5: I am already BE/BTech/Diploma. Why do I need industrial Skill Development?

Ans: Just a degree is not enough for an individual to be employable in an Industry. Any industry needs certain skills in order to function. In technical institutes theoretical knowledge is given but it lacks in providing the practical knowledge & skills that any industry requires.

Ques6: What is the criteria of getting admission in Sambhav?

Ans: Following are the criteria for getting admissions in Sambhav:
1. Qualitification: BE/BTech/Diploma/ITI
2. Good academic performance record
3. Decent communication skills
4. Positive attitude
Once a candidate fulfills that basic criteria he has to undergo an Aptitude test and personal interview. Based on the performance in aptitude test and personal interview a course is offered.

Ques7: How does Sambhav associate with Industries?

Ans: Sambhav has a dedicated cell for industry interaction. We sign MOU( Memorundum of Understanding) with various industries where Sambhav and Industry jointly agree to train and place skilled manpower. Industry supports Sambhav by giving their specific needs of skilled manpower. Sambhav creates trainings based on their need and get them to approve that training content. Industry absorbs trained manpower from Sambhav.

Ques8: How do you ensure job placements for trained candidates?

Ans: We have tie ups with various industries who need skilled people for their own workforce. Some of them have signed MOU’s with us while others have recruited directly.

Ques9: Can you place me without training also?

Ans: We specialize in giving skilled technical manpower to industry. We have hundreds of jobs from Industry but all of them are for skilled people. We are not a placement agency. So we cannot place you without training in Sambhav.

Ques10: What is the profile of Faculties in Sambhav?

Ans: Best part about Sambhav is that all the trainers and faculty members are from Industry. So training given is what industry requires.